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about coach bec

Friendly, Quality, Real English Conversations.

Hello and welcome to English Conversation Coach!

I'm Coach Bec and I can't wait to meet you soon, but first, let me tell you about myself.

Sydney, Australia is my home and English is my native language.


I hold an internationally accredited TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and have more than 15 years of teaching experience and background in business. I have owned and run dance schools across Sydney, including an online dance school teaching students young and old across the world.

My hobbies include dancing, playing tennis, cooking, travelling and exploring, and I have an immense passion for teaching and helping my students and clients succeed and excel.

As a seasoned traveller with a thirst for travel and experiencing different cultures, I often find myself in cafes, local bars and social scenes (or onsens!) around the world and one thing has become very obvious...
As much as I love trying to speak the foreign language (and sometimes making a complete fool of myself!), my conversations with locals almost always turn to English.

Why? The English language is a passport to the world, but having regular English lessons isn't enough. While you will learn proper grammar and vocabulary as well as to read and write, you won't get enough real-life experience actually speaking the language. There is nothing more important than continuing to practice your English by having a real conversation with a native English speaker. 
Having a relaxed chat to learn beyond the classroom will help you gain momentum, fluency, and confidence in the language.

Whether you need to practice your English skills for work purposes or simply want the opportunity to practice English alone, I am a patient, adaptable, vibrant and professional person ready to help you achieve your goals.

Schedule your chat with Coach Bec below and start the conversation today!



One-on-One session with your English Conversation Coach

(For One Person)

$50 AUD

What I Offer

Conversational English Sessions via ZOOM on any device.

For Adults and Kids, age 4yrs & up.

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